Collection: Cloth Covered Cords

Cloth Leads and Vinyl Leads

Oldphoneworks and the House of Telephones manufacture cords with your choice of Vinyl or Cloth Leads. With either type of lead, the exterior appearance of your cord will not be affected, you will still get the same high quality woven jacket you have come to expect from Oldphoneworks and the House of Telephones. We feel the two different types of leads are appropriate for two different functions.

Cloth covered leads are made in the very same way cords were originally produced. Cloth leads start as bare tinsel and then are over braided with cotton thread. This process was later replaced by vinyl covered leads. The cloth leads do not have the durability of their vinyl counterparts nor the flexibility, but sound every bit as clear and are what was originally used. We suggest cloth leads for display phones and phones being completely restored to their original setups. This is the cord choice of purists.

Vinyl leads replaced their cloth counterparts for the reasons listed above. A vinyl lead has more durability and will last longer than a cloth leaded cord. The vinyl lead also offers more flexibility when trying to get your wire management in perfect order for a very clean and professional installation. This cord is well served for a daily dialer (a phone that is used day to day) or for the home phone refurbisher.

Either way the conductors are covered with an outer cloth jacket making either finished product indistinguishable from the other. Both cords will deliver the same voice quality.