Why doesn't my telephone dial out?

Your service provider likely doesn't support pulse or rotary dialing telephones. Please contact your provider to ensure that is the issue. If so, you will require a pulse to tone converter in order to dial out.

Will the pulse to tone converter make my phone functional?

Short answer, No. Your telephone needs to be in working order, with the exception of not being able to dial out. Please ensure you have dial tone, speaker and microphone work and the phone rings.

Why wont my vintage telephone ring?

This could be anytime from a wiring issue to your provider not outputting enough voltage to ring the old style bells. There are products available to boost the output voltage. Please ask us for details.

What is your return and warranty policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, Oldphoneworks will offers a 14 day return window where you will be refunded for the products. Outside of the 14 day window, you may be responsible for a restocking fee. All phones and parts are subject to a 90 day warranty unless otherwise stated on the listing. This does not include as is items.

Why are your prices different on this side from eBay and Amazon?

Both eBay and Amazon charge a premium to sell on their site. Most items usually have a 10% markup.

Why are your phones so expensive compared to eBay and flea markets?

Most phones sold at these retail locations are in an as removed from service state and there is no guarantee that they will even work. Oldphoneworks telephones are fully refurbished from the ground up. A typical telephone can take upwards or 3 to 4 hours to completely refurbish. We also guarantee that the phone will work as advertised when you receive it.

Are your phones original?

Yes, unless otherwise stated in the listing. Oldphoneworks does carry reproductions telephones but those are clearly indicated in the description.