Collection: Water Slide Decals

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Oldphoneworks carries a full range of water slide decals for your phone refinishing project. Our water slide decals are custom made in-house. If you don't see one that fits your needs, please contact us as we may be able to create it for you.

Applying Water Slide Decals
Water slide decals normally have a border of clear material surrounding the decal image. While most decal users leave this border in place when applying the decal, we prefer to remove it by carefully cutting out the decal image with a sharp pair of scissors.

To apply the decal you will first need to soak it in water for approximately 2 minutes. This soaking will separate the decal film from the backing. You will then be able to carefully slide the decal from the backing onto the substrate where it is to be applied., align the decal and blot up the excess water using a soft cotton cloth or paper towel. Allow the decal to air dry.