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Kellogg - Masterphone 1000 - AKA Redbar - Chrome

Kellogg - Masterphone 1000 - AKA Redbar - Chrome

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Classic Kellogg "Redbar" Telephone

This wonderful working example of 1940's design is sure to fit into your period decorating scheme. What I love most about this phone is the great RRRING that will be sure to get the attention of everyone in your household!

The case of this phone is the Metal version and the handset is made from Bakelite. The design was a significant improvement over earlier Kellogg models in that the interior space was much more efficiently used, thereby eliminating the tangle of wires that was often present. This was accomplished through the use of a molded one piece connecting block that was quite unique to the telephone industry at the time. The telephone components (capacitor and coil) plugged into the connecting block and were field changeable -- thereby allowing the phone to be easily converted between local battery, and common battery service. This Kellogg Masterphone 1000 Desk phone gets it's familiar name "Redbar" from the red bar that is used to operate the hooks switch. This model was manufactured from 1947-1953 and it was a the first phone made by Kellogg that had interchangeable parts for the dial and non-dial models.

Kellogg manufactured the Model 1000 in two additional styles: a wall phone, and a desk phone with a magneto in the base.

This "Redbar" dates from the late 1940's or early 1950's and it has an numeric dial plate that shows virtually no wear. The dial has been cleaned, lubricated and calibrated to ensure years of trouble free service. The phone has been completely disassembled, carefully cleaned, and then expertly refinished to restore its original high gloss finish. The electrical components have all been carefully tested to ensure full functionality. The handset has been fully tested to ensure that you will have static free conversations.

The Restoration Process

Dial – Dial has been fully disassembled, cleaned, lubed and timed to ensure years of trouble free service. The outer edge of the dial has been stripped and repainted with a gloss black. Unless the dial is removed, this is something you will rarely ever even see, but this is how it would have come from the factory. The finger wheel and dial card ring have been freshly chrome plated finish. A brand new die cut dial card and acetate cover has been added as well.

Cords – The phone has been outfitted with brand new cloth covered black cords that are made in house on the same type of equipment originally used by the phone companies. They look amazing. The line cord has a modular connection to facilitate a modern connection to your wall jack.

Shell – The shell has been professionally chrome plated and will not peel like most home plating. The mirror finish is absolutely stunning and will last a lifetime.

Handset – Handset has been ultrasonically cleaned to get all embedded debris out. It is then sanded through a 4 step process (400, 800, 1000, 2000 grit) and buffed back to its beautiful original shine.

Base – The base is completely stripped of all its components and painted with a high gloss black. The components are then cleaned, tested and reinstalled.

The phone goes extensive testing before to ensure it is in perfect working condition prior to shipping.

This is a great opportunity to own a fantastic piece of fully functional classic technology.

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We ship Monday to Friday. Parts orders received before 9am will generally go out the same day.

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