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Western Electric


Western Electric - 233 - Black Payphone

Western Electric - 233 - Black Payphone

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Drop a Dime!!!

Here is a vintage working 1950s Model 233 3 slot payphone. The internal parts of this phone are all present and intact, and it has been wired with a modular line cord so that it will work on your home phone line. We can also install a ringer to notify you of incoming calls. Although you won't need a coin to make a call with this classic, the phone still emits the telltale "ding" as a coin is dropped. We are including the the keys to the coin vault and the top housing. Please note, the phone does not come with a coin box. Perfect for billiards rooms, game rooms, Pool side, family rooms or anywhere else. Your antique payphone will look great! This is a unique opportunity to own a classic piece of functional communications technology.

The Restoration Process

Dial – Dial has been fully disassembled, cleaned, lubed and timed to ensure years of trouble free service. The number plate has been cleaned and buffed back to its perfect original sheen. A brand new die cut dial card and acetate cover has been added as well.

Chrome - The vault door, hook, coin slot, coin return and optional instruction frame have been refinished and professionally chrome plated. The mirror finish is flawless and will last a lifetime.

Cords – The phone has been outfitted with a brand new vinyl or optional chrome armored handset cord and a vinyl line cord. The line cord has a modular connection to facilitate a modern connection to your wall jack.

Body – The body has been stripped down and sandblasted using a glass grit and powder coated in a semi-gloss black finish. This closely resembles the finish on the original payphone finish

Handset – Handset has been ultrasonically cleaned to get all imbedded debris out. It is then sanded through a 4 step process (400, 800, 1000, 2000 grit) and buffed back to its beautiful original shine.

Internals – The phone has been retrofitted with a modern internal network and will allow you to make and receive calls while giving you the best quality sound.

Do you currently have any rotary phones? If the answer is no, it is always a good idea to call your local phone company and check if they still support “pulse” dialing. If they do, you are all set to go. If they do not, your phone will not be able to place calls without a converter. We have internal converters that we install during assembly available for $79.95.

- Dials * and # from your rotary phone to access computerized services.
- Use legacy equipment on tone-only lines.
- Compatible with VOIP services.
- Provides last number redial functionality.
- Adds 7 programmable speed dial locations

As an alternative, we provide an option to use this phone as an extension of your cell phone. The XLink Bluetooth gateway is an device external to the phone that gets it’s power from a standard AC outlet. The cord from the phone will then connect to a phone jack on the gateway. When you pair the gateway to an active Bluetooth enabled cell phone, you will be able to use the vintage phone just like it was connected to a traditional landline. When someone calls your cell phone, the vintage phone will ring, and you will be able to dial out using the dial on the vintage phone. If you want to be able to call # and * using your rotary dial, you will also need to add the pulse to tone converter option.

The phone goes extensive testing before to ensure it is in perfect working condition prior to shipping.

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We ship Monday to Friday. Parts orders received before 9am will generally go out the same day.

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