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Rotatone Pulse to Tone Converter

Rotatone Pulse to Tone Converter

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Introducing Rotatone!

Rotary dial phones emit a series of electrical pulses that are used by the equipment at the central telephone office to route the telephone call to the appropriate destination. Dialing a "9", for instance, on a rotary dial will emit nine electrical pulses spaced approximately 1/10 of a second apart. Modern touch to phones accomplish call routing by emitting distinct tones for each number pressed on the keypad, and it is the tones that are used for call routing by the telephone company.

Unfortunately, some "modern" phone equipment, particularly certain types of internet based systems, are unable able to recognize the pulses from a vintage rotary dial. Oldphoneworks recognized this shortcoming early on and we came up with a unique solution.

  • Converts rotary dial to DTMF "touchtone" operation.
  • Dials * and # from your rotary phone to access computerized services.
  • Use legacy equipment on tone-only lines.
  • Compatible with VOIP services.
  • Provides last number redial functionality.
  • Adds 7 programmable speed dial locations. Each number is up to 25 digits long.
  • Program a "hotline" number (V2 only)
  • Small enough to fit inside most phones.
  • Includes generic wiring diagram.
  • Installation services available.

Rotatone is an electronic module which enables phones with rotary pulse dials to work on DTMF (dual tone multi-frequency) telephone lines, tone-only enabled exchanges, or on most VOIP adapters. In addition to sending the correct tones corresponding to 0 to 9 on a regular dial, Rotatone can send the correct codes for * and #. It also features last number redial, and can dial 7 programmable stored numbers. In addition, Rotatone version 2 allows you to set one of your preprogrammed speed dial locations as a "hotline" that is automatically dialed when the phone is taken off-hook.

- Each stored number can be up to 25 digits long.
- Program a "hotline" number (version 2 only.)

- Small enough to fit inside most phones.

Note: Rotatone installation does require some technical expertise. Please check the wiring diagrams posted below for your model of phone. We have some of the most popular phones here,and some user submitted suggestions, but there are 1000's of model phones in existence. If you do not have experience reading and interpreting electronic schematics and are not familiar with telephone circuits, then this product is not for you. Please look at the installation directions before you order and make sure it is something you fully understand. These directions are always posted here.

Due to the wealth of phones available, we cannot provide installation support outside of the diagrams available online.


  1. Rotatone Technical Information and Generic Installation Instructions
  2. Rotatone Operating Instructions
  3. Western Electric 302 Rotatone Installation Schematic
  4. Westen Electric 302 Easy Rotatone Schematic
  5. Typical Western Electric 101 Coil Installation Schematic (use for 102,202, etc)
  6. Typical Western Electric 500/554 Series Installation InstructionsDecortele
  7. Typical Automatic Electric 80/90 Series Installation Instructions
  8. French S63 Installation Schematic (created of Baptiste Lemaire)
  9. Typical Automatic Electric Type 40 Series Installation Schematic
  10. Installation with Oldphoneworks Candlestick Network
  11. GPO 746 Installation Schematic
  12. Western Electric 51 Candlestick with 534 Subset Installation Schematic
  13. Western Electric 2500 Network with AE Dial Installation Schematic


Some Installation Suggestions from Rotatone Users

Rotatone with AE-Mini Network in Western Electric "D" Mount (202) Instructions (Courtesy of Marie Prewett)

Rotatone with AE-Mini Network in Western Electric "B" Mount (102) Instructions (Courtesy of Marie Prewett)

Rotatone installed in a GPO 332 (Courtesy of Richard Zarywacz)

Rotatone installed in a GPO 232 (Courtesy of Richard Zarywacz)

Rotatone installation tips for Ericsson Dialog (DLG0147) (Courtesy of David Araujo)

Note - the Rotatone SMD V2 (current version) works with Magicjack. Older versions of Rotatone may not support Magicjack.


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We ship Monday to Friday. Parts orders received before 9am will generally go out the same day.

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