Collection: 354 Collection

Western Electric and Northern Electric 352/354 Wall Telephones were manufactured in the 1940s and early 1950s. This is the classic "kitchen" phone. The 352s were designed for private line use, while the 354 contained an extra set of hookswitch contacts that allowed it to be used on party lines. In both cases, we have updated these phones so that they can be used on modern phone lines. Originally these phones were hardwired to a phone line that came out of the wall where the phone was to be mounted. While the phone can still be mounted in this fashion, modern installations often involve a special modular wall jack that allows for quick connection and disconnection of the phone from the telephone line. In order to accommodate modern installations, we have designed a modular backplate for the 352/354 product line that you can purchase as an option for your phone for an additional $39.95. If you don't require the backplate, we will ship your phone with a 7' modular line cord that you can plug into the nearest modular telephone jack.